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Traditional Thai Massage
(Thai Massage)

Traditional Thai massage includes pulling, kneading, adjusting, pulling, squeezing, stepping, hitting, knocking, and rough grinding. In particular, it is necessary to touch the whole body while squeezing the painful parts, and the arms, abdomen, waist, back, shoulders, neck, and sometimes the face and head are treated to warm the whole body. Using your fingers, palms, elbows and knees, the therapist uses every part of your body according to the purpose, and relaxes your body. It is also said to improve blood circulation.

Traditional Thai Oil Massage
(Oil Massage)

Traditional Thai oil massage is massaged on the body with oil without color and fragrance, customers can relax, and after massaging the oil on the skin, you can see that the skin will be clean and healthy

Aroma oil massage

You will be massaged with aromatherapy oils to benefit your skin, body and spirit. Customers can relax and freshen up. It also helps relieve stress. This aromatherapy oil comes in a variety of scents, so customers enjoy choosing it. During the aroma oil massage, it is also necessary to use candles to create a very relaxing atmosphere.

🌸 We use high quality oil for your skin.

The skin that covers the body is an important respiratory organ, and its total amount is about 16% of the total body weight. Some of the oils used for oil massage include:Some contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These can cause your skin to feel uncomfortable, itchy, and dry after a massage.

All the massage oils we use at UTOPIA 100% nature-made organic material Premium oil.

After massage, you can experience the effect of keeping your skin healthy and beautiful skin without unpleasant sticky feeling. Please experience a comfortable massage feeling using premium oil.

💁🏻‍♀️    Luk Pra Kob    Thai Herbal Compress

It has been used in Thailand for over 4000 years. Variations of this practice are also found in traditional medicine throughout Asia. This is Thai wisdom passed down from ancient times. We use a variety of local herbs. Use it to relax your muscles, reduce pain, and nourish your skin. The poultice contains herbal plants such as prai, turmeric, and lemongrass as ingredients. Other herbs such as kaffir lime peel, tamarind leaves, sompoi leaves, nut leaves, persimmon leaves, camphor, borneol, and poultices may also be mixed in, in different formulations depending on each region of the country. Available. Components made with locally grown herbs.Clean and cut the herbs to make a dried herb poultice. It is dried by baking or exposing it to the sun. Wrap the dried herb in a calico or cotton cloth, then tie it tightly to form a ball. Alternatively, make pillows or cloth bags and steam them until warm. Apply compresses to different parts of your body to reduce aches and pains. muscle relaxant

💁🏻‍♀   Tokusen

This scientific field predates him by more than 2,600 years and has been passed down from generation to generation as local wisdom for more than 725 years. A nasolabial fold massage is a treatment that loosens the fine lines more quickly than a massage. It's amazing traditional massage science. This is considered to be the ingenuity of the ancients, solving problems directly and with great force. Symptoms resolve quickly. Stamping is a mechanical treatment. It is a piece of wood that resembles a wedge or chisel, but is not sharp. Hammer using a hammer of appropriate shape and weight. Those who hammer the line hammer the line along the muscle and tendon grooves along the bones. Hammering stimulates problem areas of pain caused by abnormally aligned tendons and muscles. When stimulated, ``symptoms similar to electric shock occur. '' Our body systems are already equipped with natural healing miracles. It resets the muscles in the area and returns them to their correct position. Therefore, the aches and pains will quickly disappear.

💁🏻‍♀️Gua Sha treatment   (Gua Sha)

is an ancient Chinese therapeutic technique that uses special curved instruments to push or scrape different parts of the body to stimulate blood circulation. Gua sha is believed to help detoxify the body. Anti-inflammatory properties relieve premenstrual syndrome, which is the cause of many types of pain, such as neck pain, back pain, etc. It may also help resolve breast tenderness issues in pregnant women. Kassa treatment begins by applying oil to the affected area of the skin. Next, use a kasha device with a curved and smooth surface, a lump or a thin sheet. There may be a handle that fits your hand. Made from a variety of materials such as ceramic, jade, wood, and animal horn, they repeatedly press and scrape the skin in the area with long and short strokes to stimulate blood circulation in the soft tissues. Most people like to perform kasha on the neck, arms, back, buttocks, hips, and legs.

** A method of performing kasha using a device that presses or rubs the body. Therefore, it may cause side effects. These bruises, such as skin bruises, usually improve after 2-3 days of using Gua Sha.

💁🏻‍♀️Cupping therapy

According to a book with a history of more than 200 years, the Chinese learned how to use vacuum suction cups to treat various diseases. Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that involves applying cups to the skin. The internal pressure is then reduced by applying heat and sucking air in until the skin and muscles are sucked into the glass. You can also apply some herbal oil to your skin first to help move the glass. The glass will be covered for approximately 10-15 minutes. This causes the skin to become red, and when the glass cover is removed, the skin becomes red and bruises. This means that the blood was intentionally contaminated for medical purposes. The skin around the cup area is very discolored, but most people have sensitive skin, so it wasn't as painful as it looked. The theory of vacuum cupping in the treatment of various diseases relies on the operation of a vacuum suction pump set. The pump sucks out the air inside the cup and uses vacuum pressure to pull up the skin. The skin area is stimulated and pressured, causing tissue breakdown and increasing blood flow to nourish the area, while also boosting the meridians. Various points of the meridian nerve cells blood cells push out white blood cells to increase the efficiency of pathological work and remove foreign bodies, toxins, bacteria, and various waste products. These are removed from the vessel wall in conjunction with the pressure of the suction cups and suction cups. Action, Function of the Skin Some of the toxic waste is sucked directly out of the skin's pores and reflected as water vapor. Some of the water droplets adhering to the wall of the suction cup are sucked out, adhere to the skin (reflected by the color of the skin), are dispersed by the blood circulating in the body, and are excreted out of the body with sweat. It is excreted from the body through ship urine and feces. Various toxic waste products are removed from the walls of blood vessels. The walls of blood vessels widen as blood flows through the system. Blood vessels are adjusted to regular circulation. Various organs in the body receive blood and circulate it regularly. Adjust business performance successfully and efficiently. Balanced the entire body.

📍What is the skin color after cupping?

*Pinkish red ❤️

     normal circulatory system, good health

*Red/Purple Red❤️💜

     Reflects turbulence in blood and air flow. Yin (yin) deficiency yang is high and fever rises. Moderate fatigue muscle pain

*Grayish purple💜

     Reflects coldness and blood clots.

*Dark purple💜🤎

     Reflects chronic muscle pain. Blood circulation is sluggish and blood clots are attached to it.

*pale colour

     Reflects symptoms of lower than normal Qi (energy, breathing) and blood in the body. insufficient blood supply

*Dark black 🖤

     Reflects clotting of blood clots. Blood and air flow is cut off. Menstrual pain or lack of blood supply to the heart

**(Care after cupping)**

There may be dark spots on the skin area after cupping. But there is no danger. The scars will heal naturally in about 5 to 7 days, so you can repeat the treatment once the scars have faded. After cupping, avoid touching cold objects or taking a shower, as the cold will stagnate blood circulation. It can cause even more pain.

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Requests to customers

・People who use abusive language, violence, or force sexual acts against staff

・Persons under the age of 18

・People who take pictures with various cameras or act like voyeurism or eavesdropping

・People with heart disease, infectious diseases, infectious diseases (athlete's foot, venereal disease)

・Those who have a fever

・Those who drink a lot of alcohol

・People in the same industry, drug users, gang members, or similar persons

・ Those who scout or pull out staff

You will be asked to leave the store as soon as it is discovered.

We offer a variety of courses to soothe your daily fatigue, stress, and stiffness. Please feel free to use it regardless of gender 🍀 It is a convenient 3-minute walk from Kobuchi Station.


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